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The history of the creation and development of selection firm “Selekta” began in 1996, and since then the main direction of its work has not changed. For 20 years, breeders of the company create high – yielding, drought – resistant corn hybrids for the most different conditions of the Ukraine and the countries of the near abroad.
With each year the Company increases its potential. The material and technical base has already been established, which includes a drying complex for corn – on – the сob, cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers, gauging equipment, breeding separators, a complex of store rooms, and the whole range of cars and agricultural machines – all this with one very important condition: to create maximum quality corn seeds.
All these years was carried out laborious work  to create a new initial (parental) material, on the basis of which a number of high-yielding, heat-resistant and drought-resistant corn hybrids tolerant to lodging were obtained that differed in rapid growth in the initial period and low harvest moisture content of grain during harvesting. Every year, the company makes a lot of crossings, sows a lot of hybridization plots and evaluates several thousand new maize hybrids of their own breeding.
The company is an active participant in all-Ukrainian agrarian exhibitions, carries out a major advertising campaign in leading agrarian editions, annually holds the Days of Fields, which shows the newest latest developments in the field of corn selection, lays out demonstration grounds for hybrids of maize in Ukraine and abroad. Also worthy of attention and the official website of the company, which contains relevant information on corn hybrids with a description of their properties, features and a mark on the presence of seeds.
Since 2017, the site Company has an on-line seed order system for maximum convenience of clients.
Company “Selekta” also has a network of certified regional representatives in the main regions of Ukraine, which sell the original seed of the company “Selekta” to minimize the number of counterfeits.
Among the many foreign and domestic breeding companies, LLC Scientific and Production Commercial Firm “Selekta” firmly took its leading positions in the market of seeds, since it has uncontested qualities:

  1. Selection of heat – resistant and drought – resistant hybrids of corn of different groups of repeness, cold-resistant, with the fast start growth rate, resistant to lodging, with low harvesting moisture content of grain;
  2. Seed growing and seed finishing, which ensures their maximum quality;
  3. An economically reasonable pricing policy conducted by the company.

To date, the Company offers for sale the number of drought-resistant and heat-resistant hybrids of maize, which have already proven well in different regions of Ukraine, namely:
MEL 272 MV, Lyuvena, Poltava and TAR 349 ​​MV.
As a result of many years of selection work and thorough study of market needs, in 2016 it was decided to create a new Selekta Seeds trademark for world-class drought-resistant hybrids. Such innovations from LLC Scientific and Production Commercial Firm “Selekta” for Ukrainian agrarians have become a simple middle-early hybrid of corn Credo (FAO 260) and a simple middle-early hybrid of corn Legenda (FAO 290), entered into the State register of varieties of Ukraine in 2015.
To date, these hybrids of maize have already been realized, which undoubtedly indicates the demand for products of the company “Selekta”.
We wish LLC Scientific and Production Commercial Firm “Selekta” success and new achievements!